One of the first of it's kind. The PowerWave Hybrid are a specialised training glove allowing athletes to cross-train from using their PowerWave for a 20 minute workout, to lifting their own body weight in callisthenics and gripping bars, to striking PowerWave target pads and punch bags. These reinforced weight lifting/strike gloves are designed for the most gruelling of workout sessions. 


With it's enhanced stitching and authentic reinforced full moisture wicking palm, these gloves are built to last.


  • Enhanced Grip - Lift and Strike
  • 3.02mm silicone gel strike cushion
  • Dual-stitched upper hand to increase durability
  • Elastic inner skin to mould around your hands
  • Dual finger loops for ease of removal
  • Dual wrist wrap support
  • Gel injected enhanced palm grip
  • Integrated panels for maximum flexibility
  • Embossed 3d anti-slide printing
  • Improve hygiene when training




PowerWave Hybrid Gloves